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Top 7 Wedding Beauty Tips

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Why just 7 ? Well, let's be real. I'd be here all day if I was to tell you ALL my wedding tips. The number seven is my lucky number (I was born on the 7th), so now I'm passing these beauty gems onto you!

1) Nourish Your Skin.

Leading up to the big day you may encounter some changes with your skin. Stress will play a big role and can lead to breakouts or aged skin. Getting on the right skincare regimen months before your wedding day is key. The earlier the better to help find out what products work best for you ! Some spas even offer Bridal Packages at a discount, where you can receive a series of facials - everything from gentle exfoliation to hardcore anti-aging treatments. Combine them with your at-home skincare routine and you will be good to glow. {wink,wink}

2) The Right Foundation.

I can't stress this one enough. You will be photographed endlessly. Yes, from all different angles and most likely various forms of lighting. You want your foundation to look natural (i.e. NOT like you're wearing a mask) and it should feel good while lasting the whole night through. I often remind my Brides, if your foundation looks flawless than everything else will fall into place.

3) Waterproof Makeup.

Duh!! Goes without saying, right? Just make sure you find the right products for you. Especially mascara!! Not only do you want it to stay on and hold up to those emotional moments, but you also want to make sure it doesn't flake off. I also advise my clients to NOT use mascara the day before their big day. Often times, mascara is improperly taken off at night and can lead to clogged tear ducts and puffy eyes. Definitely NOT the look you are going for on your big day! Trust me, your eyes (and makeup artist) will thank-you the next day.

4) Setting Spray.

This is a lifesaver. Always in my makeup arsenal. This will help lock-in and seal your makeup. My fave ? 10 Years Younger, from Motives Cosmetics. Soothes the skin, while setting makeup, and doesn't feel tacky. Your makeup will stay in place while you dance the night away.

5) Touch-Up's.

From emotional tears, to wedding guests kissing & hugging you, to unpredictable weather, to that cake thrown in your face...ok,ok, maybe not that last one. {haha} The bottom line - you'll need to do some minor touch-up's. My top recommendations are the following : Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Balm (apply sparingly to help ease a little dryness), Face Powder (will combat shine and the right one will blur imperfections for a flawless finish) , Blush/and or Bronzer, Black waterproof eyeliner, and some Q-tips, otherwise know as little miracle workers.

6) Water.

That's right. Up your water game. This is extremely important leading up to the big day, and just as important the morning of. You'll be so busy thinking of every little detail, often brides forget to stop and drink some water or eat.

You don't want to be passing out at the altar, right ?

7) Smile.

Ok, so it might sound a little cheesy. But seriously, stop and take it all in and smile. This day will fly by, and something is bound to go askew, but in the end you'll be surrounded by the people who love you and matter most in your life. They are there to celebrate YOU! Believe me, it's a pretty amazing feeling. :)

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